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Soccer Pups

Weekly Classes

Fun Classes Twice per Week!

Soccer Pups delivers 40-50 minute sessions packed with fun activities.  Our professional coaches will guide participants through a 20-25 minute session. 


Subsequently, mom, dad, or whoever chaperones our friend will engage in open play. Soccer Pups is a pathway to sport and education with the cooperation of friends and family!

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Friday at The Express Athletic Center:  216 Tingley Lane, Edison, NJ

Fee:  $160 Monthly

Classes on Tuesday + Thursdays

8 Classes per Month

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Dot Paint Splatter

Enjoy a gentle introduction to soccer

through songs, games, and movement!

40 Minute Sessions Twice per Week

  • 40 Minute Exploration Classes with a Professional Coach

  • Have fun and play with Mommy, Daddy, + new friends!!

Lil' Kickers (1.5-3 years old)

Mighty Strikers (3-5 years old)

Wesley Soccer Pups.png

Enjoy an introductory experience to the sport of soccer!  Learn how to use all surfaces of the foot, perform basic motor skills, and cooperate with new friends!

40 Minute Sessions Twice per Week

  • 20 Minute Classes with a Professional Coach​

  • 20 Minute Exploration with Mommy, Daddy, or Guardian + new friends!

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