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Soccer Pups

Our Story

Soccer Pups is inspired by the loving relationship between a little girl and her pup.  Baby girl Nora and her best friend, Storm, are always having fun together.  They play so many games all day long.  Their favorite, by far, is soccer!

As two parents who run a youth soccer club together, Nina and Jason Montesinos aspired to create a program where children can fall in love with the sport. Nina and Jason have a combined 20+ years of working with children, creating youth curriculums, and developing elite level players.

Dot Paint Splatter

Soccer Pups will nurture a passion for sports while introducing key developmental learning tools.  Whether it is the alphabet, numbers, colors, or motor skills, Soccer Pups will be a memorable times in your child's most formative years.

Most importantly, Soccer Pups is fun!  In addition to our sports and education, students will enjoy our songs, bubble parties, stamps and stickers in our 40-50 minute classes.

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